Salmon & Cucumber Relish + Radish and Avocado Quinoa

Tonight’s Cooking light dinner proved to be the winner of the week.  We don’t have char in West Texas, so Salmon it was.


I put the salmon on 45 C for 30 minutes while we prepped the relish and the quinoa side.


I have used the Anova circulator 3 times this week: on NY strips, Pork chops, and tonight on salmon.  The salmon has had the most apparent benefit of being cooked in a water bath.  The salmon was perfectly cooked from thick middle to the outer thin edge with a perfect golden crust from a 30 second sear.


The kiddos delighted in mixing the ingredients.  Oliver is particularly happy to help make and eat quinoa or couscous.

IMG_2060         IMG_2057

At the dinner table pared with Founder’s Harvest Ale:


Oliver’s latest lego creation, a flying alligator scorpion:









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