All You Can Eat Churros!!!

The Book of Life has become the favorite movie in the Brinker house as of late.  Oliver is captivated by the lines of Carmelo Sanchez, the deceased bullfighter, who says “All you can Churros!” in the movie.  

Since watching the movie we decided to try our hand at home-made churros, finding this recipe on  The instructions are simple, the page also has a quick video showing the process.  First we got out our ingredients and started mixing:

IMG_2090 IMG_2094 IMG_2093

After heating our water/sugar/oil ingredients we added our flour and stirred:


Churro Dough !!

Our mix was way too thick …. thick enough that it didn’t push through our cheap grocery store pastry tip.  I had to mix in more water which made everything lumpy.IMG_2106Oil was heated to 375 and away we went frying.  Our cheap pastry tip we picked up from the grocery store was too small and produced a small caliber churro.IMG_2104

Still … the end result was a crispy waffle cake type string that was covered in a cinnamon sugar mix.


What’s not to love?

IMG_2111 IMG_2112

Next time we are investing in a churro worthy pastry tip and getting our water:flour ratio down.

– JB –


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