Winner, Winner Salmon Dinner!

The winner for this week’s best Cooking Light dinner ended up being as it was last week; a salmon dish.

Oliver’s palate changed about 3 weeks ago, now instead of avoiding salmon like the plague he relishes it.  He’s been reminding us while grocery shopping to go by the fish counter and buy some, when we tell him we are cooking salmon that night he yells “YAY, I love Salmon!!”.  It’s really odd but Sarai and I are just going with it.  We plan on getting salmon on the table at least once a week now.

This week’s Salmon recipe was Salmon with Lime-Hoisin Glaze with Crunchy Bok Choy Slaw.

I came home from a busy Thursday clinic to find Sarai masterfully completing this dish.

IMG_2117The dish was excellent!  The salmon glaze was one of the best I’ve tried, definitely a keeper.  Sarai remarked that the dish overall was easy to make, the drawback being the number of ingredients needed for the glaze and the knife work for the slaw.  (I would have loved helping with this, I love chopping more than cooking.)

IMG_2118I paired this with a Big Bend Brewing Co. Lager. I first had their beer while on a hiking trip down to Big Bend last summer, I never thought the beer would make it up here to Lubbock, I am so pleased it has.


– JB –


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