Orange and Tomato Simmered Chicken with Couscous

Another weekend recipe, straight from this month’s Cooking Light is the Orange and Tomato Simmered Chicken with Couscous.

The recipe is about 20 minutes hands-on and total time 30 minutes. We held to the recipe closely, just deleting the fennel bulb, because honestly who wants that awful taste in their mouth? Honestly? Every member of the Brinker Family hates fennel.

Catalina was again a big help, cooking seems to her thing at this age.  She doesn’t shy away from handling any type of food, cooked or raw. Here’s Catalina making the couscous and prepping the Chicken Thighs:

IMG_2133  IMG_2134  IMG_2135

After the thighs were braised we set them aside and aromatized the onions, carrots, garlic, and then added the cinnamon, kalamata olives, squeezed oranges, and 1 can of diced tomatoes.  We were a little heavy handed with the kalamata olives.

IMG_2136 IMG_2138 IMG_2137

After combining everything the thighs were returned to the pan to finish cooking covered for 20 minutes.

IMG_2139The end results:


Amazing, everyone agreed the kalamata and tomato sauce was excellent.  Chicken thighs being hard to screw up this recipe is a winner, timely and delicious. I can’t recommend this recipe highly enough.

– JB –


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