Churros, Part of a Healthy Diet

This weekend we completed round two of the churro adventure, albeit with greater success.  I purchased a churro maker off of after being frustrated making churros with a cheap grocery store plastic pastry tip. Behold, the Churrera Churro Maker:


The instructional pamphlet contains a brief text on the virtues of the churro, which indicates that churros are part of a healthy and well-balanced diet, and I quote: ‘They are perfect to keep the nutritional balance.”


The recipe was the same as last time, everything went according to plan and the new churro maker works wonderfully!  The churro maker comes with 5 different nozzle types, we experimented with 3.


I found that I liked a medium caliber churro that is crispier.  Sarai and the kids preferred the giant caliber churro, termed a grueso, that turns out much larger and chewier.

IMG_2172 IMG_2165 IMG_2164 IMG_2163    IMG_2171

This week’s churros were perfect, they were crisp, perfectly shaped, and tasted fantastic.  The Churrera Churro Maker works amazingly.


Carmelo Sanchez from The Book of Life would be proud.



– JB –


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