Sirloin Steak + Miso Butter + Asparagus & Mushrooms

We had a nice dinner this week from the Jan/Feb edition of Cooking Light:

IMG_2178 IMG_2175 IMG_2179

Catalina and I started the brown rice up front because it takes 50 minutes to simmer.  We’re not opposed to instant brown rice in the house but I prefer the delightful chewy texture of good brown rice.  The recipe calls for baking asparagus and sliced shiitake mushrooms – our grocery store only had shiitake mushrooms in a bag that require soaking/rehydration.  The shiitake’s were still chewy despite a good long soak, I will never use dehydrated mushrooms again.  I should have subbed in button or portabella mushrooms instead.

The butter/miso mixture includes 2 tablespoons of soft butter mixed with 1 tablespoon of white miso paste, it is used to coat the steak after being sautéed.

And the final product:

IMG_2183Although not the best dish of the week it was still extremely good.  The miso/butter covered steak was excellent.  The brown rice had a splash of rice vinegar and dark sesame oil stirred in at the end and had a very nice tang to it.  The asparagus that baked at 425 for 10 minutes was also perfect. The only thing that downgraded the experience were the rehydrated shiitake mushrooms that were chewy and not pleasant. This missed out on being a 2015 Favorite due to the non-fresh mushrooms.

– JB –


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