Surprise from Washington State!

A few days ago we had a surprise visit from Jared’s med school buddy Joe, his wife Brittany and their brand new baby! They got married a day after Catalina’s due date, so we hadn’t met them yet, and a reunion was long overdue. These guys have been on mission trips together, survived med school together, and we worked in Ethiopia together and backpacked through Big Bend together in our off time.

For his birthday Brittany stealthily coordinated a surprise trip for joe to revisit his old med school stomping grounds, but that meant we didn’t know they were coming until the day of!

Of course, the one day I planned on leftovers and no cooking was the day they showed up. So, we had an impromptu breakfast for dinner evening, and it all worked out perfectly- especially since I got to hold a baby.

Oliver said the sweetest prayer that included being thankful for this whole world and for daddy’s friends special visit.


Jared and I find out Joe is coming from dinner! (and his adorable family, too!)



“oh wait, we have to cook something…..  Breakfast for dinner it is!”

Clearly, the kids were fine with this. IMG_4977Until next time!


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