Chicken Mushroom Potpie

This month’s Cooking Light was full of chicken based recipes, featured in their “25 New Ways to Make Chicken Dinner a Winner” section.  Unfortunately with next months issue just landing in our mailbox many of those recipes will go unmade.  After the Easy Chicken Dumpling recipe that turned out great we tried our hand at the Chicken Mushroom Potpie recipe.


The recipe uses refrigerated pie dough for the top crust which saves a lot of time.  The prep takes about 35 minutes, an additional 25 minutes is spent in the oven baking.  It includes 12 ounces of mushrooms.

IMG_2254 IMG_2253 IMG_2252

The recipe turned out wonderful, we are certainly going to be making this one again.  I have never locked down a chicken potpie that I thought was easy and good so this one is a keeper.  I could see this being fancied up a little by spooning the chicken mixture in about 6 individual ramekins and baking separately for when company comes over.

– JB –


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