Plated: Indonesian Beef Rendang with Coconut and Lime

Tonight we enjoyed another Plated dish, an Indonesian Beef Rendang.  After cooking the recipe I searched around and encountered the Rendang article available on Wikipedia.  Rendang does not have the most palate seducing look to it, although the dish turned out delicious.  Having said that I realize I still love Doro Wat, my favorite dish from our travels to Ethiopia, yet the photos of that dish also look equally repugnant.

Again the plate turned out phenomenal, something we would be happy to receive in a restaurant dining experience.

IMG_2334The recipe was easy to prepare, Sarai and I both agreed we enjoy getting recipes with unusual ingredients or even ingredients that we have never used before. This recipe included a whole stalk of lemongrass along with a thai pepper.  The thai pepper was sliced and seeded but was still very spicy, I loved the subtle kick that one pepper added to the dish.  The turmeric was added to the rice giving it a nice yellow color.

IMG_2335  IMG_2336 IMG_2338

Very much a winner in terms of flavor even though the dish is not the most visually appetizing.

– JB –


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