Eggs, Chef Gordon Ramsay style.

A few years ago I went to researching eggs and the best way to prepare them.  Who knows why?  What I found included Alton Brown’s instructions on poaching, Gordon Ramsay’s technique for scrambling, and Jacque Pepin’s methods for producing an omelette.  All have videos available on youtube, I have returned to Jacque Pepin’s video repeatedly just to hear his wonderful accent and watch how masterfully he makes an omelette and transfers it to the plate.

In our house the scramble has become an important breakfast for the kiddos.  Oliver in his younger days mastered the scramble with Dad: I would place him on the counter in our old Ft. Worth home and let him stir, stir, stir to get the perfect semi-solid scramble consistency.


That torch has now been passed to Catalina, age 3, who loves to pull up a chair and scramble the eggs for breakfast while big brother plays with Legos or Yu-Gi-Oh cards.

IMG_2345 IMG_2348 IMG_2349

Catalina has also taken an interest in cracking the eggs and has developed the mastery to get a perfect crack.  With no instructions she has been able to watch Dad and copy how to get an egg in the pan without breaking the yolk.  A small amount of shell gets in from time to time!

IMG_2365 IMG_2366

The secret to great scrambled eggs is to constantly stir and let the heat in the pan finish the eggs off at the end.  Chef Ramsey recommends adding creme fraiche at the end to gets the eggs extra creamy and cool them off to keep them from overcooking. I have found that sour cream tastes close enough, especially good organic sour creme such as Kalona Organic Sour Creme.


Catalina finishes off the milk!

– JB –


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