The end of an era. Chicken with 40 Cloves of Garlic

It was 2007/2008 and I was on the interview trail for a residency position. Sarai and I stopped at an outlet mall outside of Tyler, Tx to window shop.  I was a medical student in my final year and we didn’t have a lot of money, but the calphalon outlet shop at the mall was calling.  They had an amazing selection of pots and pans all on sale, one in particular I couldn’t live without.  I remember at the time we purchased the calphalon dish it seemed very expensive despite being on sale.  Looking back I am so happy we made that purchase as the dish became the work horse of our kitchen.

IMG_2354 IMG_2355

After 8+ years of service we are about to retire the dish for a set of cast iron Le Creuset dishes that we have been saving up for. As you can see above the dish is on it’s last leg.  In the meantime I have decided to highlight the dish in its last week of service with one of my all-time favorites: 40 Cloves of Garlic with Chicken.  This recipe has been done only once before in our kitchen a few years ago, it was so good as to be memorable, I can think of no better last dish for our old trusty Calphalon pot.

IMG_2356 IMG_2359 IMG_2358

Catalina and I reviewed a ‘How to part a chicken’ video.


The 40 cloves recipe is easily found on the internet, the origin of the dish seems French   provencal but some think the dish actually originated in the Catalonia region of Spain.  I favor the Cooking light version which is simple and uses any type of dry white wine and broth, other recipes use Cognac which we don’t readily carry in the Brinker household along with heavy cream.


After browning the chicken the pieces are removed and the garlic is browned for one minute.  Nothing smells more amazing than 40 cloves roasting in a pan. IMG_2364

After the garlic is done turning golden the chicken pieces are added back on top and wine and broth are added.  The dish simmers for 25 minutes.


I threw together an asparagus side with mushrooms and baked for 10 minutes.


The dish is as remarkable as I remember, the flavor of the broth with the soft garlic is almost too perfect. I can’t overstate how perfect this dish is, there is no better way for chicken to be prepared.  The only draw back is the immense smell you emanate after eating such a wonderful dish.

– JB –


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