Buttermilk Brined Fried Chicken

After great success in home ground hamburgers I went back to Cook’s Illustrated: The Science of Cooking book for another recipe.  This book is exemplary; it’s pretty much everything one could want of a cook book.  I sent a copy to my sister out in San Francisco because I love the book so much.  It is filled with wonderful recipes but also answers the question of WHY certain things work when cooking good food.

I found the poultry section and narrowed in of the fried chicken articles; who doesn’t love the taste of well done fried chicken?


I started this recipe by parting a whole chicken on a Sunday after grocery shopping and placing it in the buttermilk brine mixture, I placed this in a 1 gallon ziplock sack and froze for future use.  I found this to be convenient although the recipe states you can soak the chicken for as little as one hour. The morning of the cook I left the bag out at room temperature to thaw and went to work, it was thawed and ready at dinnertime.


The brine really adds a nice salty flavor to the chicken, the coating involves no salt which is not necessary due to the salt content already infused in the chicken.

IMG_2383The chicken is dredged in a flour mixture and then fried.  The oil is heated to 375 degrees before the chicken is added; the correct temperature is necessary to get a fry that is not too brown or not too mushy. It cooks for about 8 minutes on one side and then 6-8 on the next.


The resulting chicken is moist, juicy, succulent, and any other adjective that can be applied to chicken that is full of moisture and easy to chew.  The batter is simple in ingredients and steps, the only thing missing from this recipe is the addition of waffles and a drizzle of honey!

– JB –


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