Sweet Maple, SF Zoo, Golden Gate Park

This morning started off like a Hobbit day: breakfast x2.  After sleeping-in the kids woke hungry, we staved off that hunger by plowing through 4 Cronuts.  What’s a Cronut you ask?  A recent fad to hit San Francisco that came out of New York, it’s a Croissant-Doughnut hybrid, and man is it delicious.  My sister got these over the weekend from Fillmore Bakeshop where they only produce these on the weekends.  They sell them for $2.75 a pop, limit of 4.

kronuts-300x291They are worth every penny!  Imagine flaky layers of croissant pastry that has been fried like a doughnut and dressed completely in cinnamon and sugar.

After devouring the Cronuts we got dressed, hit the street and walked around the corner to Sweet Maple for breakfast, inventor of Millionaire’s Bacon.

IMG_0140 IMG_0138 IMG_0136

I enjoyed their “Hemingway” plate which is eggs benedict with smoked salmon and a cucumber wasabe Hollandaise sauce.

IMG_0144 IMG_0145

After second breakfast we headed out for the SF Zoo and saw a lot of cool animals, Catalina pestered a few peacocks by trying to run them down to give them pets.

IMG_0146 IMG_0166 IMG_0165 IMG_0164 IMG_0163 IMG_0161 IMG_0160 IMG_0159 IMG_0158 IMG_0156 IMG_0153 IMG_0151 IMG_0150 IMG_0147

We also let the kids romp in the playground there.

IMG_0169 Lunch was at the Underdog: The Organic Hotdog Joint.  Only in San Fran!  Their menu includes organic hot dogs and sausages along with gluten-free buns and pretzel buns.  Sarai and I enjoyed their ‘Portuguese’ hot dog on pretzel buns.

IMG_0171 IMG_0173 IMG_0172

After lunch we headed to Golden Gate Park to play.  Upon buying tickets for the carousel ride I got suckered by the sign for ‘It’s-It”: a San Francisco tradition since 1928.  The thing is essentially an ice cream sandwich with oatmeal cookies dipped in chocolate.  Not bad.

IMG_0175 IMG_0176

And the carousel ride:

IMG_0177 IMG_0178 IMG_0184

The kids romped in the park for an hour before heading back home for naps.

IMG_0194 IMG_0193 IMG_0197


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