Roasted Butternut Squash

Sarai and I have a thing for butternut squash. Sarai prepares a side dish of roasted butternut squash for practically every big feast at the house, particularly at Thanksgiving and Christmas. Typically she cubes the squash, tosses with olive, salt and pepper, and roasts on a pan in the oven until the edges take on the perfect color and the oven smells good. We then serve the cubes straight up in a dish. I found a recipe in the 2015 Best of Test Kitchen for butternut squash that departs from our method that I had to try.

IMG_0547This recipe requires a little extra work – you have to cut slices and then flip to ensure even browning.

IMG_0548 IMG_0549 IMG_0550

While the squash is baking you make a topping of hazelnuts, I substituted slivered almonds instead because they didn’t have hazelnuts at the grocery store.  The almonds are sautéed in butter and then sprinkled with lemon juice.

IMG_0551 IMG_0554

The final dish looked great and tasted wonderful, every single piece of squash was cooked to perfection.

IMG_0555 I’m not sure if we will do this recipe again.  I thought that the process of roasting slices instead of cubed squash makes a lot of sense.  The problem with cubing the squash is that it cooks unevenly, with slices you get a perfect cook throughout the whole batch, albeit with a bit more work involved. The topping is also great, the article has a variation topping of goat cheese, pecans, and maple syrup that would be worth a try.  I think in the end I might try to find a process to make our cubed squash cook more evenly and forego the process of flipping slices.



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