Long time no post

It’s been a while since last posting, so here goes some catch up photos.

IMG_0727Catalina and Oliver started T-Ball a few weeks ago.  It is so worth it to see Catalina try to get to first base, or somewhere in the general direction.


Ginger got out, hit by a car and suffered an isolated mid-shaft radius fracture.  Sarai did not do well with this, I though it was kinda cool to look at dog X-rays.  Punch-line: Ginger will be fine and require 6-8 weeks in a splint.

IMG_0733 IMG_0735 IMG_0734

A patient brought our family home raised chicken eggs that are incredible scrambled or fried.

IMG_0766I traveled to Austin for the Austin to Shiner century ride that I have been preparing for for the last 6 months.  Two spokes broke at mile 54 and put me out of the ride, the wheel warped into the frame.

IMG_0793 IMG_0792

On a good note I got to eat at a Waffle House before the ride.  I grew up in Odessa and love Waffle House.  We arrived at 5 in the morning to find the obligatory drunks standing out front smoking.  Ahh Waffle House.

IMG_0762 IMG_0764 IMG_0763


IMG_0779 IMG_0774 IMG_0788 IMG_0797 IMG_0794

– JB –


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