Red Raider Meats, Lamb and Beef Kofta

A friend of mine recommend that I check out Red Raider Meats on campus … so I made a trip today to check it out. I couldn’t have been more pleased!  Located in the Animal and Food Science building at Tech, they sell a broad line of Prime Beef products along with smoke sausage, bacon, and hard to find lamb and goat products.  I walked out with lamb shanks,a lb of ground lamb, a frenched lamb rack, beef franks, and some of the best looking NY strips I’ve seen in Lubbock. I’m sure I’ll be back to grab a pork shoulder, pork ribs, and brisket for my next BBQ dinner.


For dinner tonight we had Lamb and Beef Kofta from this month’s Cooking Light magazine.


Although the recipe falls under the ‘super fast’ category and reportedly takes 20 minutes to cook from start to finish, in reality it was about 35 minutes of work.  Any ’20 minute’ recipe that requires you to get out the food processor to process bread into crumbs, dice away at veggies, and then form 12 kofta patties before heading toward making a yogurt sauce (with more diced veggies) is pushing the boundaries of quick and easy.

IMG_1391 IMG_1393

In the end the recipe is excellent, we used farro as our grain instead of instant brown rice, it added a nice flavor to the dish.  Next time around I will probably keep the meat semi-frozen and run it through the food processor or meat grinder so it doesn’t get overworked and too compact. I am so thankful I’ve found a good source for Lamb meat in Lubbock.




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