Spiced Grilled Chicken Thighs

We had a wonderful dinner tonight of grilled chicken thighs covered with a nice herbaceous sauce along with roasted sweet potatoes and bell peppers.
IMG_1398The recipe comes from the August 2015 Cooking Light.  Sarai got to work chopping the veggies after the chicken thighs went into a marinade, meanwhile I put Catalina to work harvesting the parsley leaves to put in the food processor.

IMG_1399 IMG_1401 IMG_1400

The herb sauce uses a jalapeño combined with oil, lime juice, half-and-half, and touch of sugar and salt, and 2 cups of parsley.  The sauce was so good that I decided to double the recipe, fortunately the garden has produced so much parsley that we were able to harvest 4 cups(!) from the bush without being able to tell much difference after removing so much. We left two of the chicken thighs without marinade for the kids.

IMG_1402 IMG_1403 IMG_1404

The end results were fantastic; the thighs were excellent and paired well with the vegetables.  The herb sauce was a very refreshing balance to the chicken, it tasted more-or-less like a citrusy lime pesto sauce.  This one goes down as a 2015 Favorite.



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