Cooking Light Diet

This week Sarai tried out the Cooking Light Diet subscription service and I came home to night after night of fantastic cooked meals, which was fortunate given the number of hours I spent at the hospital with Mommas in labor.   The service allows you to pick a meal plan, tailor the serving sizes and number of recipes you want, and also makes a printable grocery list for your ingredients after you are done.  Very convenient! (and doesn’t seem at all like a diet, just healthy food)

Sarai started the week with Cheesy Potato Soup which was excellent:

IMG_1463 IMG_1467

Then we had a night of Flank Steak Tostadas and another night with salmon:

IMG_1469 IMG_1450 IMG_1453

Followed by my favorite and one of the best meals I’ve ever had, Grilled Pork Chops with Nectarines:

IMG_1473 IMG_1471

*this is Sarai: The nectarines had this magical rub on them- a mixture of cumin, sugar, and red pepper. You dip the nectarines in the mixture then grill the nectarines face down, and it makes this delightful, spicy, caramelized edge.  Then you dollop some mascarpone cheese on top. Meanwhile you’ve also been toasting pistachios that pick up some of the spicy sugary goodness. They taste great on top of the nectarines or mixed in with the side of cous cous.

Jared: The pork chop recipe was phenomenal and will likely be in the ‘Top 10’ list for the year. In unrelated news Catalina got a butter fly habitat for her Birthday last month, I had to send off for the caterpillars which arrived in the mail this week.  The caterpillars will stay  in the jar and grow for ~10 days, then form chrysalises (note: the plural of chrysalis is not chrysali as one would think!) and then become butterflies. Also our niece got a new kitten which Catalina is smitten with.

IMG_1458 IMG_1461 IMG_1472



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