New Years ….. Resolutions.

Time for a new year and new beginnings ….  or at least reaffirming some things that are important in life.  Sarai and I are not big on new years resolutions, I certainly don’t take them seriously, but after talking things over there are a few things that we have decided.  Sarai has decided to get back to her heritage by cooking more Lebanese/Mediterranean dishes this year.  I on the other hand received a table saw, some new cook books and cooking utensils for Christmas, I have therefore resolved to woodwork with more finesse and to cook AND BLOG more.

To that end Sarai began by looking up recipes for Hummus. This time we began by doing the right thing; we decided to soak and cook the garbanzo beans instead of using store-bought cans.  Home cooked garbanzo’s taste much better.

IMG_2105 IMG_2107

After prepping a large amount of Garbanzo beans Sarai took over and made the recipe in the food processor.  The home made beans have more flavor and produced a better hummus.



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