Every Grain of Rice

For Christmas this year I received a wok and a cookbook about chinese cuisine called: Every Grain of Rice: Simple Chinese Home Cooking.


The wok is a 14-inch carbon-steel model that needed to be seasoned before use.  I followed the instructions on the wok by first scrubbing the hell out of it with a scouring pad to remove the store coating that is meant to prevent rust.

After scrubbing off the coating I heated the wok of the stove on high heat and applied/removed many layers of oil.

The resulting ‘patina’ is slick as snot and ready to cook with.  I began with trying the most ‘Americanized’ recipe in the entire book: General Tso’s Chicken.  I also grabbed a fried rice recipe to use as a side.


The cookbook is full of awesome looking recipes, there is also an extremely helpful section that includes descriptions of ingredients for the book that was indispensable when I went to Lubbock’s finest ‘oriental’ markets to stock up on supplies.


The General Tso’s chicken recipe went together without trouble but looked nothing like the picture … it also didn’t taste like I was expecting.  It wasn’t bad, just not what I was looking for.  So much for beginner’s luck!

On the other hand the Fried Rice was spectacular!!!  The recipe included peas, pineapple chunks, onions and eggs.

Overall not a bad first go with the new wok.IMG_2234



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