Fried Wontons

After starting my education on Chinese food I quickly strayed down the path of evil: Americanized Chinese food.  What can I say? I’m a sucker for greasy scrumptious food. I found a truly excellent blog called The Woks Of Life and located a Fried Wonton recipe.  Then Catalina and I went to the kitchen and got to work mixing wonton stuffing and prepping 3 sauces.

I read the blogs instructions for two different ways to fold the wontons, then gave Catalina the rundown.  Her folds looked a little different than mine, but she had a ton of fun making her wontons.

The end results tasted AMAZING, we all agreed the Sweet Apricot Dipping sauce was the favorite of the three.


Oliver played with legos during the cook and also worked on an especially important writing assignment that his teacher sent home from school:




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