Beef Plate Ribs

Aaron Franklin reports his favorite chunk of BBQ happens to be beef ribs.  Not the small beef back rib rack you can find in any grocery store but beef PLATE ribs that come from the underside of the cow. These ribs are enormous, they look like dinosaur ribs. The ribs have incredibly marbled meat that sits on top of the ribs.

I found these at Red Raider Meats last week. They are very easy to cook – rub with kosher salt and pepper, smoke at 285 until done.

There’s almost no trimming necessary, no need to wrap in foil and all that mess.  Just smoke em’ till they’re done.


I got my 6 pound rack started on the smoker at 9 in the morning, they were done right at 5 o’clock.

I let them rest for 30 and cut into them, not that you needed a knife. Seriously – these things were soft.  The flavor is pretty good although I don’t think this is my favorite cut of BBQ.  They meat tastes like pot roast but with twice the flavor and 4 times the softness. You can literally put a finger into the meat and pinch out a chunk. Even Catalina liked them:




Every Grain of Rice

For Christmas this year I received a wok and a cookbook about chinese cuisine called: Every Grain of Rice: Simple Chinese Home Cooking.


The wok is a 14-inch carbon-steel model that needed to be seasoned before use.  I followed the instructions on the wok by first scrubbing the hell out of it with a scouring pad to remove the store coating that is meant to prevent rust.

After scrubbing off the coating I heated the wok of the stove on high heat and applied/removed many layers of oil.

The resulting ‘patina’ is slick as snot and ready to cook with.  I began with trying the most ‘Americanized’ recipe in the entire book: General Tso’s Chicken.  I also grabbed a fried rice recipe to use as a side.


The cookbook is full of awesome looking recipes, there is also an extremely helpful section that includes descriptions of ingredients for the book that was indispensable when I went to Lubbock’s finest ‘oriental’ markets to stock up on supplies.


The General Tso’s chicken recipe went together without trouble but looked nothing like the picture … it also didn’t taste like I was expecting.  It wasn’t bad, just not what I was looking for.  So much for beginner’s luck!

On the other hand the Fried Rice was spectacular!!!  The recipe included peas, pineapple chunks, onions and eggs.

Overall not a bad first go with the new wok.IMG_2234